Do They Test for HIV Before Surgery

Are you about to be operated in a hospital and wonder, do they test for HIV before surgery? No, they don’t, as this is not common for surgical procedures. However, this is up for debate, as it’s revealed that some hospitals are doing the tests without the consent of the patient.

Blood tests done before surgery

It requires doctors to carry out a preoperative blood tests before surgery, which does not include an HIV test. This tests main purpose is to do they test for hiv before surgery  ensures that the blood count is normal. The analysis also checks if the electrolyte and blood clotting are within the standard limit.

It’s good to understand that all surgeries are done under what we call “Universal Precaution.” This requires surgeons to have protective gear during surgery. These are face shields, hair covering, sterile gloves, and gown. This ensures that both the patients and surgeons are not at risk of contracting any infectious disease.

Push by hospitals to have a mandatory HIV test

Although the HIV test is not compulsory, this might not be the case. Some hospitals and doctors have agreed that they conduct the test prior to the surgery without patient consent. As bad as this may look, surgeons have defended themselves claiming they do this to take extra precautions.

The aim of the push by hospitals and surgeons for the mandatory test is to protect the surgeons and surgical staff. These will see them take necessary precautions during the surgery like double gloving and eye-wear. They believe this information will help them start post-exposure prophylaxis in case of injuries resulting from sharp objects like needles.

Final thoughts

Even though the hospital does not inform you of your HIV status after surgery, it does not mean you don’t have. So in case, your HIV status concerns you, it’s good to visit your primary doctor to conduct the test.


Author: Claudia

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