Tattooing safety: From tattooing needles to everything about modern inking

Everything that deals with our body should be safely taken care of, sanitized and sterilized to make sure that no infection or other complication can arise from contaminated instruments and devices. Tattooing needles, for example, should be maintained and cleaned the way you clean your whole establishment. Tattooing needles should be properly sterilized and the reasons for doing so are so obvious. Let us help you understand why sanitation and sterilization are important when choosing a tattoo shop or an aesthetic clinic that offers tattooing services.

What you need to have to establish a tattoo shop

  • License to tattoo. The requirements will depend on the state that you are in.
  • Get a business license. This license covers you, your shop, and your tattoo artists.
  • Abidance of OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. As diseases can be transmitted via blood, educational materials should be readily available for you and your customers’ safety and information.
  • Choice of clients. You have the right to say no to clients who are not in their correct state of mind during treatment or appointment. Clients under the influence of drugs and alcohol are more prone to bleeding.
  • No to minors. This also depends on the state where your shop is situated, so just rely on the state laws as to what age is it legal for our young people to have their tattoos.
  • Standard disposal of hazardous wastes. Disposal of used tattooing needles and other tattooing paraphernalia are very important, so make sure that you are following the rules with regard to this.

What you need to remember as part of your safety checklist

tattooing needlesWear gloves. This is your first shield from bloodborne pathogens. Wearing gloves works two ways; it helps you make sure that you would not get contaminated with a patient’s blood, and you won’t be the cause of the contamination itself. You need to change your gloves every time you do something while in a tattooing session. For instance, if you need to have a break, go to the restroom, use your phone, etc., please change your gloves just to be sure.

Use antibacterial soap. This is done before and after the procedure. This further stamps safety and sanitation and makes your customers feel that you are really keeping your establishment as spotless as possible.

Cleaning material. Use reliable disinfectants when cleaning your devices and instruments. Autoclave them to make sure that they are sterilized. You need to wipe your tables and chairs after every client.

Hazardous waste management. Keeping a sharps container is essential not just as part of the regulatory code, but it can also help you prevent and avoid accidental needle pricks. Also, tattooing needles can never be reused, so disposing of them after every session is important to make sure that they won’t be mixed up with new ones.

Cleanse the patient’s skin. This is a big given already. Of course, before transferring your work of art into someone’s skin, make sure that their body is a clean canvas.

Have a first aid kit ready. You will never know when an accident can happen. No matter how careful you are, if it is meant to happen, it will happen. So it is always best to equip yourself with first aid staples like ointments and cleansers that can help you deal with these mishaps.


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