Symptoms And Treatment For HIV Rash On Stomach

An HIV rash is something that a person infected with HIV can see on the skin. Sometimes, it can even be caused by medications that a person helps fight the virus. It is estimated that at some point, more than 85% of people with HIV will develop a rash. Two or three weeks after HIV infection, a person may appear during infection with seroconversion; This happens when antibodies can be produced after infection with the human immunodeficiency virus.

In many cases, a person with HIV may have symptoms similar to the development of influenza. This includes fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, and pains and some time HIV rash on stomach. Additional symptoms may include excessive tiredness, weight loss, frequent diarrhea, regular fevers that have no explanation, stiff and painful joints, memory loss, vision problems and all the time to fight infections.

Not all infected people will have this initial symptom of a rash, and since the rash is typical, do not assume you have HIV if you have an outbreak. Red papules can be similar to several types of common rashes, such as herpes, razors, or eczema. Often the explosion is dark red or brown spots. For some people there is the pain, while others may feel itching.

hiv on stomachIt is essential to get medical advice to get an eruption test, especially for high risk. If there is an HIV diagnosis, medications are beneficial nowadays to control the symptoms and slow down the progress of the infection.

Unprotected sex can cause an infectious rash that also includes herpes, scabies, and genital warts. Do not assume that if you have been exposed to HIV, you have an outbreak. If you have a rash, consult your doctor to obtain a diagnosis. Life with fear is agitated and, fortunately, there are now very effective ways to treat HIV infection, which allows people to live a long and productive life.


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