When To Have A Surgery For Nasal Polyps

More people nowadays experience chronic nasal problems, allergic rhinitis, and problems connected to their ears, throat, and nose. Honestly, people dream of breathing properly as today’s world consist of an unhealthy environment full of filthy air. That said, problems such as nasal polyps happen as soon as we step outside our house. It even usually happens inside our houses and within our families. Medical technology gave doctors the opportunity to give their service of surgery for nasal polyps removal. If you feel like you developed nasal polyps growth inside your nose, schedule an appointment immediately with an Otolaryngologist (ENT Surgeon).

Defining Nasal Polyps

It is not a good sight to see if you acquired nasal polyps due to different reasons. You know if you have developed nasal polyps when there is visible growth in the inside of your nostrils. These are white, translucent, non-cancerous growth that develops in the sinuses. There is no certain sign or symptoms for nasal polyps but there are physical manifestations and health conditions revolving it. A person may feel their nose stiffy and breathing blocked. A nasal problem called postnasal drip happens when your mucus goes inside your throat instead of your nose. Severe cases of nasal polyps where it is big in size to create problems in sleep apnea (snoring) or even double vision. Consult with a doctor to know if you need to get surgery for nasal polyps to prevent complications.

How To Know If You Need A Nasal Polyps Surgery

There are other procedures involved in treating nasal polyps. It is important to find out the severity of your nasal polyps. Consult a doctor first and check out your nasal polyps condition by undergoing certain examinations. In addition, your doctor may ask for any histories of allergies, respiratory problems, or even bleeding nose. An X-ray may not be enough to diagnose your nasal condition. Some require CT-scanning to deeply check the problems of your nasal polyps. Identically, nasal endoscopy is a method for a doctor or surgeon to view your nasal passages.

Medicines for Nasal Polyps

One possible way to treat the issue is through medication. Sprays that contain steroids for nasal specific concerns are useful treatments. Medicines are prescribed by a doctor to a patient that are usually over-the-counter generic brands. A quick warning though, don’t self-medicate. Get your doctor’s examination first before buying one. Nasal corticosteroids reduce inflammation in the nose to eliminate or reduce the size of the polyps. Additional medicines may be needed such as antibiotics, antihistamines, or injections and oral medicines.

Getting A Surgeryneed to undergo surgery for nasal polyps

You will know when to have surgery for nasal polyps once you don’t see any improvement after your doctor has recommended medicine. Large polyps immediately require surgery to prevent it from fully blocking your nose. Prepare yourself for any kind of surgery by getting a scheduled appointment with your surgeon. One thing to remember before your surgery is to avoid habits such as smoking and stressful environments.

Preventing The Issue

Nasal polyps are preventable given that you are able to follow these few tips. Always take good care of your hygiene, especially when it comes to cleaning your nose. Don’t poke your nose too often and drink lots of fluids to flush out toxins and help mucus in being wet. Cover your nose when there is lots of smoke and pollution. Get the recommended medicine for any irritations but do not overdose them. Hopefully, these tips will get your breathing problems to go away.


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