Staging Of Aids

What is AIDS?

The full form of Aids is Acquired Deficiency Syndrome. A virus relating to a human body known as HIV causes Aids. If you are getting infected with HIV then your body will try to fight with many diseases but your body needs a special capsule for fighting HIV. Aids is very dangerous to the human body. If it does not gets proper treatment and checkup then Aids have the capacity to take your life.

AIDS/HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. This is why medical professionals, including dentists and orthodontists, employ so-called universal precautions when they work with their patients. Visit BrisbaneOrthodontists.Com.AU for more information.

How do you get AIDS?

Many people think that they are getting Aids but simply saying they are not getting Aids. In fact, they are getting infected with Aids. One can be infected from HIV if he/she is getting into a relationship with another person who is infected with HIV. Even if the other person does not seem to have any disease or if he looks fit and active but he is undoubtedly HIV positive. You can suggest the other person have an immediate checkup or tests of HIV. Most of the people are getting infected with HIV because of the transmission of the saliva of another HIV infected person.

AIDS HIVThere are many reasons as to how people are getting infected with Aids. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • If he/she is having sex with HIV infected person.
  • If he/she is sharing a needle with a HIV infected person.
  • If their mother is infected with HIV and has fed you breast milk then also you can be infected with HIV.

Stages of Aids

Aids have 3 stages and they have the capability to take away your life. Knowing the staging of Aids is very necessary. The stages of AIDS are given below:

Stage 1: After 1-4 weeks the person who is infected with HIV will get some of the symptoms of Aids like a cough, flu etc. it is very necessary to visit the nearest doctor whenever you are experiencing HIV.

Stage2: In this stage, the infected person will be active. But after a few days, he/she will experience that he/she is getting a lot of damage.

Stage 3: At this stage, the person who is infected with HIV will get many symptoms of Aids like loss of weight, fever, sweat.


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