How to spot tooth decay under bridge symptoms

There are many missing teeth replacement procedures that are now available in the market, and one of them is getting bridgework done. A dental bridge is a dental appliance that is composed of a crown (false tooth) and two abutment teeth to anchor the crown to the healthy teeth on each side. This appliance can last decades before its wear-and-tear, depending on how you maintain and clean them to prevent possible problems. That is why annual check ups are important to prevent dental problems such as tooth decay. But what if it gets loose and tooth decay seeped through? Do you know how to spot tooth decay under bridge symptoms?

Causes of dental bridge defect

Lack of oral care. Decay can affect the integrity of the bridge as well as the neighboring healthy teeth and this may cause the bridge to loosen and allow the cavities and plaque to break or damage the teeth and even the appliance.

Eating prohibited food. Hard and chewy foods are avoided when using a dental bridge. If a patient is not steering clear of these kinds of food, his dental appliance might fracture or loosen its connection with the healthy teeth next to it.

It served its life span. No matter how companies market their products, no dental appliance can really last a life span. Their wear-and-tear will still depend on the way you use it and the quality of your dental appliance.

Dental bridge repair

tooth decay under bridge symptomsTo save and repair a dental bridge, we must first know what part of it is damaged. If the abutment teeth are the part that failed, the dentist must remove it from its attachment to the neighboring teeth. Sometimes, cement is used to glue them together, so this may mean using a new dental bridge altogether. If the crown is the one damaged and the bridge is still intact, repair of the crowns coating may be done. In worse case scenarios where the crown is fractured, a new crown is carefully used to replace it without moving the bridge.


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