Sore Throat HIV Symptoms

HIV has been known to trigger a sore throat. Acute sore throat symptoms range from pain, irritation, and inflammation inside the throat. The burning sensation inside the throat is very annoying and painful. There are many reasons that cause soreness, but some are very common.

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throat checkupSore throat symptoms among the people who have HIV may vary depending from person to person and the strength of his/her immunity system. But some sore throat HIV symptoms are common like body fever, nausea, headache, stomach pain, rashes, body ache, and malaise. All these symptoms do not mean that you are suffering from strep throat as they can also be a symptom of some other disease. Causes of pain are mainly due to HIV which causes infection in areas like pharynx, tonsillitis, larynx, and epiglottitis. There are studies conducted by different medical institutions and agencies stating that HIV virus and bacteria grow in ideal warmer conditions. Moisture and humid climate give them more boost to flourish, that’s why in rainy seasons and changing seasons account to more reports. Along with a cough and cold, viruses tend to add other outcomes like a runny nose.

Pus and redness inside the pharynx are common. As swelling becomes painful saliva keeps coming out from the mouth and drooling is common as well. The problem in breathing as chocking is also caused by it as the pharynx becomes too narrow for the air to pass easily.

For any person who has HIV he/she we tend to experience the above sore throat symptoms. It’s recommended that one visits a medical doctor so as to advise you on the way forward that you can deal with the sore throat HIV. If you do not deal with a sore throat you may not even sleep well at night. Do not ignore this signs.


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