Doctor-patient confidentiality for HIV

HIV patients are very selective on who they share their information and how they share it out. Even though HIV patient can keep their status known to themselves alone, it’s becoming difficult to keep it from the doctors. Doctors in their position as the life saver for any HIV patient have a very difficult role to play. The doctor-patient confidentiality for HIV highly depends with the doctor as the patients have entrusted them with most of their health information. If you want a secure patient privacy, you should visit a clinic that respects patient privacy.

It could be the great source of stigma to any patient who are HIV positive to be always worried as to whether all the information provided to their doctors are kept private. When the patients are sure of the of the doctor-patient confidentiality level, they can easily open up about their sex life and HIV status. In order to make HIV patient feel better and have the confidence with the doctor, the information must be treated with confidence and strictness. doctor-patient confidentiality

The doctor must have it clear and know how to separate the patient and the HIV status. This will encourage the principle of privacy to personal information. Doctor-patient confidentiality for HIV will make sure the information is only share to the relevant healthcare team. The information can only be used to make decisions that will make the patients health better. It can also be convenient on related decision making process that are directly or indirectly beneficial to the patient.

There are different rules that guide on the information that any HIV patient shares and the parties they share the information with. To make sure the confidentiality is fully implemented, the doctor must consider the following rules when getting information from HIV patient.
• Kept private.
• Stored securely.
• Used carefully.
• Recorded accurately.

It’s the role of the doctor to tell the patient on how the information will be used, who will have access and when it can be discussed. Even as the HIV patent shares their health information to the doctors, they still have full control of the information provided and the doctor must always respect their wish on the provided information.


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