Single Tooth Denture (Partial Denture) For Your Missing Tooth

Any missing parts of your teeth isn’t a great sign for your dental health. A gap can bother you the whole day, not just for its appearance but also when you do your daily tasks such as eating. Moreover, signs of infection, gum disease or other oral health problems may occur. You may have to head directly to a dentist for this issue. However, a dentist may tell you terms that you’re not aware of. With this piece of information, you’ll find it useful on what single tooth denture is for. You should know that dentures are an option for those that lost their teeth, read more at


What Is A Single Tooth Denture?

Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. It gives support to the gums and is usually removable as well. Additionally, this kind of dental prosthetic is much cheaper than dental implants or bridges. However, they still give quality support for your teeth. They are partial dentures given to your tooth that fell off or has a crack due to an accident or injury. Either your dentist will recommend you get a denture itself or a dental flipper for your missing tooth. Until you get permanent dentures, dentists may recommend for you to get a dental flipper for a single tooth denture.

Why Get A Single Tooth Denture?

Getting dentures are perfect for an immediate replacement. Aside from it being a cheaper option, you may also find the benefits of how it is placed on your mouth. Single tooth dentures or partial dentures don’t require adjacent teeth or your jaw bone for support. If the bones and teeth are not suitable for an implant, especially for children, then they may have these single tooth denture prosthetics instead. They also come in many different forms and can either be temporary or permanent. Lastly, dentures got a long history with its study so more dentists know how to make dentures than the other options.


Any Other Options Than A Denture?

Single Tooth Denture Options To Choose For Missing Teeth

If you’re not comfortable with a denture, then you might want to have single tooth implants instead. Dental implants aren’t cheap as mentioned previously but you will feel the assurance of getting one. Compared to single tooth denture process, dental implants are more secure since it is attached to your jawbone. It gives more stability to the attached component and gives a more natural-looking tooth. Since it is also made of titanium, rust, getting chipped off or broken isn’t going to happen for a while. Ask your dentist about your options for your single missing tooth. You may have to visit your dentist regularly for you to decide what is the best option for it.


Choosing The Best Option For Me

There are many options today that a dental patient can look for to get that beautiful teeth makeover. Of course, it is inevitable to have many consultations to gather the right idea about a missing tooth. Concerns such as what will hold your single tooth denture and other possible questions are common for patients to worry about. Thus, it is vital for you, as a patient, to get to know not just your dentist but the type of operation he or she will do. Ask your dentist about the options for your single tooth denture and what you need to prepare beforehand.


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