Planned Parenthood Through HIV Testing

The staggering increase of the HIV patients all over the globe has plodded the government of every state to spearhead the awareness campaigns for the laypersons. Much has been done, but many are still to accomplish in this regard. Contrary to the established scientific facts, a large pool of persons still believes that this deadly disease spreads through handshake or kissing. Such a notion is nurtured by the illiterate as well as the literate personnel too. There’s another field where a little achievement has been experienced in this regard; it’s HIV testing. As people who are social animals are concerned about their reputation in society and fear the positive outcome of this medical test, so they are reluctant to undergo the test.

Without a proper test, it’s unlikely to be sure if an individual is afflicted with this infectious disease. In fact, each of us should undergo HIV testing to know the HIV status. But if we get to know our status, it may help us take the appropriate measures and monitor our condition in the event of an unfavorable report. Obeying the suggested guidelines to a T ensures an extended life for the HIV persons and kindles the hope for a healthy living till death. In addition to benefitting the ailing individuals, HIV testing also helps one take adequate care to prevent the disease from infecting others.

It’s unfortunate that many a person is still in the dark regarding the importance of timely detection of the disease. According to the strong recommendation of the doctors, everyone between the ages of 13 to 64 years should go for this test. They are of the view that such a test should be an optional part of the annual health check-up. Some communities like the prostitutes are more prone to the HIV disease, and therefore, frequent HIV testing should be arranged for them to detect the disease at a very initial stage.

The harsh reality is that the majority of us feel a lot of uneasiness while going for the HIV test. But with an availability of the home kit for HIV testing, fear of shame and mental discomfort may sound a lame excuse nowadays. A home kit may inspire even the most unwilling persons to master the courage and go for the test without being in fear of the prying eyes of the friends and foes alike.

FDA approves the home HIV testing and strictly sticks to its promise of providing complete privacy. These kits are sent home on request and attached with a unique code. One may get to know about the test result by making a call to the lab. The number to call comes toll-free. An individual may also request the laboratory to send the report of the HIV testing via mail. So, a choice is up to you which option to elect.

The confidentiality of the home HIV testing encourages those who are most unwilling to be tested. We can strongly hope that more and more of the persons will opt for the test instead of avoiding it. In this way, they can effectively thwart the onset of AIDS and bring some welcome changes in their lifestyle too. Life is precious, and you need to take good care of it.



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  1. While we are feeling discomfort and shame to get a HIV testing, just get our mindset positive. We might experience worst when we didn’t diagnosed the virus early.

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