a patient’s medical history

Many of us are wondering why we need to fill out lengthy medical forms whenever we walk into a new dentist’s office. There are several things in there that don’t really look related to our dental problems. But believe it or not, our general health is connected to our oral health. At https://toothimplantcostssydney.com.au/ you can read more about common health problems that might affect your dental health.

What is the importance of a patient’s medical history for a dentist?

Dentists need to know what the current status of your health is, dentist fills a patient's medical historyespecially when you suffer from chronic diseases like HIV, diabetes, cancer etc.; they also need your previous records so that every possible treatment necessary to you will be provided. As I have mentioned above, the overall health of the body is also connected to our oral health. As odd as it may seem, dentists also need to know what kind of medication you are taking, whether be it prescription medicine, or over-the-counter drugs, and even food supplements. The reason for this is if ever there is a need for the dentist to prescribe medicine or administer anesthesia which may have different reactions to other kinds of drugs and supplements which will just make the situation even worse.

Why are chronic diseases like HIV related to your oral health?

According to some studies, HIV patients have a high risk of developing oral and dental problems, for example periodontitis, which is an infection of the gums. Dentists can recommend the best treatment possible if they have complete knowledge of your medical history.

Any changes in your health condition should be brought up right away to your dentist. It is very important to visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth and gums checked and get expert advice on how to maintain proper oral hygiene. This also means that updating your medical records with the clinic is of topmost importance.


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