What Are Oral Warts? (How Can A Person Get Rid Of Them?)

Oral warts and other types of mouth sores are normal for people who have HIV and AIDS. This article will talk about the kind of mouth issues that people with HIV can normally develop, and how to get rid of them. After reading the article, you can click on this link to know more about the topic of oral care for people with AIDS and HIV.

Oral issues for people with HIV

People who have HIV usually develop different types of mouth issues because of their weakened immune system. The mouth complications that develop in these patients are often more difficult to treat and they may also interfere with the HIV medication.

Are mouth issues contagious?

There are many types of mouth complications that can develop in a patient with HIV. Some of these complications may be contagious, and others may not be. Most of them can be treated with antiviral medications and frequent visits to the doctor.

As for oral warts for people with HPV or Human papillomavirus, they can be positively contagious if there is fluid within the wart and the surface of the wart is broken. There is a chance that another person can get the virus because of the fluid of the wart. Depending on where they are located in the mouth, these warts may be picked at and can bleed. They can also be very bothersome for the person who has them and can also affect the person’s self-esteem.


oral wartsOne good way to prevent any type of oral issue is to have regular visits to a dentist. A person who suffers from HIV or AIDS has to have more frequent visits to the dentist in comparison to people who do not have the disease.

Dental visits will keep the person’s oral health in check and it will allow the dentists to administer treatment to any potential oral health issues that may be developing. They will be able to prescribe treatments and medications that will work in conjunction with the person’s HIV medication to keep any oral health issues at bay. Just the mere taking of the HAART medication or Highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV can be a big help in keeping mouth sores and oral warts from occurring.

Getting treatment for mouth sores and oral warts

If you have oral warts or any other type of mouth sores, approach your doctor. They will help you get the right treatment for these oral issues and they can also advise you on different types of prevention techniques to avoid this situation again in the future.

On top of medical treatment and advice, your doctor or dentist can also recommend a support group you can join. Talking to and dealing with people who are going through the same conditions you are will help you better deal with your medical condition. It will also give you a chance to exchange input with other people and make the best out of your situation as well as give you a more positive outlook.



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