Oral HIV Test

In HIV testing, body fluids are the ones involved in knowing whether you have the virus or not blood sample is not a must as many people think. Oral HIV test uses the antibodies in your immune system to test whether you are HIV positive or negative. You can visit this link for more info.

Oral HIV uses your oral fluids to run the test. This oral test kit has helped a lot of people who are afraid of going to the hospital to know their HIV status. With this kit, you can know your status when you are at your home.

oral hiv testIt is very easy to use the self-testing kit. The kit has an oral swab which collects your oral fluid. You are only required to swipe the oral swab along with your upper gum once and then your lower gum once. Return the swab to the test tube where your oral fluid will mix with the liquid inside the tube, and it will start rising. Wait for a while for your results to come out.

Even if the oral HIV test kit is much easier to use, and no pain is encountered, the results may be inaccurate sometimes. The limitations of the oral self-testing kit are that it cannot detect the virus when he or she is in the window period.

It is only accurate when the virus has stayed in your body for long or if you have a chronic disease. It is possible the results may be false and to be 100% sure it is advisable to go to the hospital and get tested using your blood sample.

The advantage of using the oral HIV test is that it is private, and no pain is felt when testing compared to the blood test. It is good to know your HIV status, and if you find yourself having the virus seek counseling and know that HIV is manageable as long as you take your medication as prescribed by the doctor.


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