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In the past few decades, we have read about the terrible suffering that is called AIDS. What many people do not know is that AIDS is already the last part of the disease that is called HIV. HIV means HIV. It is an ugly name for a terribly ugly disease. In the following paragraphs, we will study the HIV symptoms rash that occurs at different levels of HIV to better advise someone who is interested in this situation.

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Thus, the following is an explanation of the HIV symptoms rash as they occur in the four stages.

HIV Phase I Symptoms: Nursery

This initial phase usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. It is almost impossible to tell if an individual is in the incubation stage because there are no symptoms to be talked about. But be assured, there are symptoms on the horizon. It is recommended that the patient seek medical assistance at this time if he is suspected of being infected. The home test package is often a cheap start. Symptoms of HIV Phase II: Acute Infections

This phase usually takes 28 days or so. Symptoms that did not exist in the first stage will appear to be prevalent at this stage. Symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle aches and rashes all over the body (as well as in the mouth) are common. The distress begins to appear at this stage, but more will come.

hiv rash symptomsHIV Phase III Symptoms: Cumin

For any reason, there is no medical explanation at this time, the signs and symptoms diminish somewhat during that time. The sufferer may think that his problems are over, but unfortunately, the worst will come. The waiting times range from two weeks to two decades for the lucky ones

HIV Phase IV Symptoms: AIDS

When AIDS begins, the patient is greatly affected. The medical term used to describe AIDS difficulties is called opportunistic infections. In essence, how this works is that your body is no longer able to protect itself from virus attacks. Affected people who reach the level of AIDS will suffer from many diseases. For example, cervical cancer, lymphoma, along with a truly terrible disease called Kaposi. Kaposi shows circular, brown or purple spots on the skin and/or mouth. Once the victim suffers from these problems, nothing can be done to them. Medical science can only try to minimize discomfort whenever possible while the individual gradually and painfully passes through.


Each of us hopes and reaches that a solution to this terrible situation can be found. The amount of human suffering caused by HIV is really heartbreaking. However, there are measures that can be used to alleviate suffering. If you or someone you love is experiencing the HIV symptoms rash, be sure to ask for medical help.


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