Is Breast Reduction Safe For HIV Patients?

Despite the fact that in our culture today, people value appearances and so undergo various procedures that would change their body to boost their confidence and self-image, there are also reasons why some people would prefer to do the opposite. Though breast augmentation has been a popular surgical operation, there are women who would rather have their breasts decreased in size. There are various reasons that they choose to do this. It could be personal, aesthetic, or for health reasons. Whatever the case may be, one question pops up often, “Is it safe to undergo breast reduction?

Why Get Breast Reduction?

It would be best to understand why someone might need to go through a breast reduction surgery. Not all women would feel comfortable having big breasts. Having excess fat, tissue, and skin in one’s breasts could cause back pain, difficulty in breathing, and the inability to sleep at night, since they would be putting more pressure and weight on the upper back.

Others might have self-image issues associated with having big breasts. They may have a higher chance of being harassed. Perhaps, they would simply want their breasts to have a size that’s proportionate to their body shape and size.

Out of all these reasons, health concerns pose the greatest threat so you might want to see a doctor if you are experiencing any discomfort due to big breasts.

Is Breast Reduction Safe?

Is Breast Reduction SafeAs with any surgical procedure, breast reduction has the same types of risks and if you have any special conditions like heart disease or diabetes, and if you are pregnant or on a certain diet, in which case additional precautionary measures can be taken to ensure that the procedure would not lead to any complications.

For people with HIV, it would be best to inform your doctor so that they would brief you on what you need to do before and after the surgery, how you need to monitor your condition, and other side effects that might occur. But there’s no need to worry as doctors need to assure patients of their well-being and determine the best possible method to complete the procedure. HIV-positive patients should have no issues with the operation itself.

What are the Risks?

Aside from the surgical risks of infection and excessive bleeding as well as an allergy to the anesthesia, patients may experience swelling, bruising, scarring, blood clot, damage to nerves and blood vessels, inability to breastfeed, unequal sizes of your left and right breasts, and potential loss of nipples and areola.

After the procedure, you would need to rest for four weeks as recommended by the surgeon in Dr Breast Implants Sydney clinic and monitor the condition of your breasts for several months until they have permanently healed and stabilized. It would improve your health greatly. It also allows you to have greater mobility in doing physical activities.


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