Innovative implant and oral surgery for patients suffering from HIV

Because their immune system is weaker than others’, HIV patients may need innovative implant and oral surgery. The question is: Is it safe for HIV patients to have implant surgery? This article will talk about dental implants for patients with HIV, and how these patients can maintain good oral hygiene despite their condition.


Dental patients with HIV

People who suffer from HIV have a weaker immune system than people who do not carry the disease. This causes people with HIV to have weaker teeth and unhealthy gums. The immune system of people with HIV is not able to fight effectively against infections, leading to tooth loss and gum disease. This is why extra care has to be given to patients who suffer from the disease. 


Can patients with HIV get dental implants?

Getting dental implants and oral surgery are usually uneventful and heal without incident, but with patients with HIV, dentists have to be more cautious about the treatment options given to these patients. As long as good oral health habits are practiced during the course of the recovery period, the dental implant of a patient with HIV should heal well.


Coping with oral issues 

HIV patients are just prone to more infection rather than in other people, this can be critical especially after getting dental implants and having oral operations. However, if the person is careful, they may be able to prevent infections from developing.innovative implant and oral surgery


Good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing the correct way may be an effective solution to keeping bad bacteria away from the mouth. After getting an oral surgery, patients with HIV have to be vigilant in maintaining good oral health, to make sure that no infections grow. If there is an infection, it will be more difficult to cure, and there will be a chance that the dental implant will not heal well.


Regular dental visits. It is important for people who suffer from HIV to maintain a regular dental schedule. Seeing a dentist at least two times a year will help the person maintain good oral health, and it will also allow the dentist to monitor the healing process of procedures such as dental implants.


Taking HIV medication. Taking medication to control the viral load of their HIV will also help oral health. These medications will help the body recover from any oral surgeries that are performed on the patient and will limit the risk of infections. It will also control how the disease affects the body and if it will be transmitted to other people or not. 


Treatment for oral issues caused by HIV. Patients who suffer from HIV should seek treatment from their dentists as soon as they experience any symptoms of any oral issues that are caused by their condition. If they do not have a regular dentist, they can visit their local health center to get a referral or recommendation. 


If you or someone close to you suffers from HIV and is in need for innovative implant and oral surgery, encourage them to seek dental treatment. Getting the right treatment on the onset of symptoms will reduce the risk of infection as well as help them maintain good oral health.


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