What Went Wrong?- I Take Good Care Of My Teeth But Still Get Cavities

So there you are, meticulously doing your oral care routine daily. You even check the labels of the products you use, and yet, you end up asking- I take good care of my teeth but still get cavities, why? As frustrating as it can be, cavities could occur no matter how careful you are in cleaning your mouth. If you want to know why you get cavities, have your oral health checked by an experienced dentist.


I Take Good Care Of My Teeth But Still Get Cavities: Why?

appearance of cavityAs we all know, good oral care is the best way to prevent cavities. Teeth cleaning, flossing, and mouth washing are what usually make up complete oral hygiene. But sadly, cavities still find a way to emerge and cause tooth decay. Let’s find out the probable reasons you still get cavities even though you take good care of your teeth.


Your toothpaste might be guilty

You are probably a frequent user of a specific brand of toothpaste. But unfortunately, it’s one of those days where your favorite product is out of stock, and you are forced to use another one. After using the toothpaste for a few days, you might experience tooth sensitivity or some significant changes in your oral health. This could mean that the toothpaste is the offender, and it just does not suit you. Dental products with higher relative dentin abrasion can damage the surface of the teeth and leave them susceptible to cavities.


Molars and premolars vulnerability

No matter how much you care for your teeth, molars and premolars are naturally vulnerable to decay. Our teeth at the back portion are responsible for biting and chewing foods into tiny pieces. What makes them susceptible to cavities are the pits and grooves that trap food particles and debris. Add the fact that they are located in areas that are hard to clean. Dental experts suggest tooth fillings or sealants in addition to your oral hygiene to prevent cavities.


Non-fluoride toothpaste

Some people are huge believers in alternative resources for oral care. While there is nothing wrong with using natural components for cleaning the teeth, they mostly lack fluoride. Fluoride is proven to be one of the best dental product ingredients. It helps in fighting bacteria in the mouth and stops tartar from developing plaque. Because of this, dentists are very particular in recommending toothpaste and mouth rinses with fluoride to their patients.


Recurrent snacking

Due to personal reasons, some people opt to eat small portions of multiple snacks rather than eating a big meal. This might seem harmless, but it could potentially destroy the teeth. It happens because the teeth get exposed to acids frequently. Moreover, foods such as chips, candies, dried fruits, and cakes often cause bacterial growth in the mouth.


Incorrect brushing and flossing habits

good care for teethBrushing and flossing alone are not enough. One of the reasons why teeth get weak over time is because of harsh brushing. According to dentists, there is a correct way to brush the teeth. It does not always have to be with hard strokes but rather angling the tips of the brush correctly. Plus, tooth brushing should at least be more than 2 minutes. This should give you enough time to cover all the areas in your mouth, including the tongue.

Flossing, on the other hand, must be done gently as well. The floss should go up and down to thoroughly removes the stuck food debris between the teeth.


Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Most people are not even aware that they grind their teeth at night. This is because bruxism often takes place while the person is asleep. Bruxism can have many effects on the strength and health of the teeth. It causes the enamel to get damaged and uncovers the protective layers of the teeth. Hence, resulting in weak teeth, which eventually results in cavities.


I Take Good Care Of My Teeth But Still Get Cavities: Could Genetics Be Blamed?

Taking good care of your teeth may not prevent cavities if your genes put you at risk of dental issues. Some of us get cavities because of our family’s medical history. Researchers state that your genes are not to be blamed for developing cavities. However, it has a great contribution to the strength of your teeth’ enamel. Additionally, it also has a significant role in getting jaw disorders, malocclusion, and discoloration. You can go to Casey Dentists’ clinic in Townsville if you need help in maintaining your teeth.


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