How To Have Safe Sex?

Sexually transmitted diseases have taken a plunge into the environment. So it’s better to go with some safe sex methods to restrict the spread out of such diseases. STD is one of the diseases which have taken a larger amount of role in making the environment polluted. The people of age ranging from 16-25 years are most affected by the outbreak of such disease. The statistical record gave an estimation that more than 64% of people are affected by the disease that has unprotected sex or has indulged in sex with more than two partners.

Safe sex must be practiced so that the people must not get vulnerable to any dangerous consequences. Some of the bad effects of indulging in unprotected sex include cervical cancer, infertility, and unwanted pregnancy. Some of the incurable STDs include hepatitis, herpes or AIDS. One of the best ways to move away from such consequences is to take a proper prevention within a suitable time period. Oral sex has certain risk also but the riskiest method is the penetrating one. Usage of condom certainly restricts the occurrence of harmful transmitted disease.

condomsOne of the best means of proceeding with safe sex is to use a condom. The rubber sheet protects the internal organ from getting into any danger of transmitting some harmful germs. The condom blocks any watery contact and also restricts the danger of getting pregnant. Use of latex and plastic evolved condoms are far more protective compared to those made from animal skins. The condom must be stored in a cool and dry environment for the better usage. It’s better to go with a condom to protect yourself and protect others from getting an STD.

There is however very less chance of getting an STD at a very tender age. However, protection needs to be taken always to ensure proper safety. The petroleum jelly, body lotion, butter are used as a lubricant. An STD test can also be done so that both partners are ensured that both of them are devoid of any unnecessary threats. This process can also build up a trust between both the partners and they can enjoy lovemaking as long as they want. The proper expiry date of the condoms needs to be noted also. If the product crosses the date it cannot give you the extra protection.


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  1. It is better to practice safe sex. The diseases you might get here is hard to cure. Some of them are still not curable as of the moment like HIV.

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  2. HIV can be transmitted by body fluids from an infected person to another. So during a sexual intercourse, the ideal way to use is condom to avoid any fluid contact to your partner.

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