HIV Transmissions Through Shared Make-up Cosmetics

It is commonly known that the HIV virus is transmitted through body fluids from an infected person come into contact with another person. Most common ways known in which the virus is transmitted include sexual intercourse and through sharing of sharp objects such as needles. This makes people ignore the fact that sharing makeup cosmetics with an infected person can transmit the HIV virus.

During the testing of a new makeup, people tend to share the makeup brushes, and of course, the large percentage is women. Makeup testers have a marketing strategy whereby clients get to test the products before buying them. Whether clients share the makeup brushes or not, they mostly leave that decision to the clients. It may be hard to warn each and every client as their main aim is to get the latest makeup style but there come health hazards.

The most susceptible makeup cosmetics to transmitting the HIV virus are the eye tester, lip products, and a skin treatment process known as microdermabrasion. When applying mascara on the eyes or eyeshadows, there would a high probability of the brush coming into contact with the fluid in the eye. The HIV virus has the ability to survive long on surfaces under room temperature and if the person was infected and is used on someone else, there is a risk of the virus spreading. The fluid flows back through bloodstreams therefore there is a high risk of HIV transmission.

lipstickIn lip products, you may ignore the fact that a fellow user may have mouth sores that the lipstick brush may come into contact with. And if you are experiencing the same problem and the other user was infected with HIV virus, the virus is prone to transmission.

Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment whereby the thick uneven layer is removed by gently sanding the skin. The instrument used is a cylindrical roller with studded needles which is rolled on the skin making small holes, which means there is a possibility for it to come into contact with body fluids and if used on another client without disinfection, there is a high risk of HIV virus transmission. You should take care of the makeup cosmetics. For more beauty tips and cosmetic info, just visit this website by clicking on the link.


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