HIV Skin Rash (Symptoms and Its Proper Treatment)

Are you experiencing an HIV skin rash? A cosmetic expert can help with skin rash. Unmask for more information as we go along this article.


What is HIV?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a kind of virus that directly infects the cells that are active in fighting infection. The immune system of the infected person is being affected. It will result in being weak towards infections and other various diseases.

It can quickly spread out through contact with a person having HIV. Examples are through unprotected sexual intercourse or by sharing drug injection equipment. The person infected with HIV will have it inside their body for the rest of their lives. Consequently, there is no effective  HIV cure existing, but, there are medications prescribed. This way, the person with HIV can still live and prevent transmitting the virus.


What are the symptoms of infection?

HIV infection shows typical symptoms. However, relying on these symptoms cannot precisely tell that they have the virus. The best way to confirm is indeed to have themselves tested. If the test result turned out to be positive, they could immediately take medication as prescribed by their doctor. Doctors will prescribe medicines according to the severity of their condition. The stage of their disease will determine their medication prescription.

Symptoms vary according to the stage of HIV they belong.  Stages of HIV are (1)Acute HIV infection, (2)Clinical Latency, and (3) AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Every stage may or may not show symptoms. On the contrary, signs may be alike with common health issues such as flu or allergic reaction. Besides, symptoms may also appear as a result of having an impaired immune system.


Skin rash as the common symptom of HIV

A person infected with HIV usually accumulates skin rash. Skin rash can turn out itchy, reddish, purple or worse, becomes painful.early symptoms Some patients have skin rashes as the first since of HIV infection. Skin rash occurs typically, indicating that the body is fighting the virus. However, since the immune system is continuously depleting, other symptoms tend to occur.

Other infections can also cause HIV rashes. The body cells that fight such infections weaken over time. The infected person shall take proper medication to avoid such infection. Some of the infections that contribute to rash occurrence are the following:

  1. Syphilis – This is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. It will cause serious health problems if not treated properly. Similarly, syphilis has different stages. Inside every stage occurs different signs and symptoms associatively.
  2. Molluscum contagiosum – This is a contagious type of infection. An affected person can easily transmit this infection through simple contacts. For instance, skin to skin contact, sharing of personal things or by simply touching the same object. The infected person can encounter small bumps in any part of the body. It is the result of having this infection along with HIV.

We will be giving brief highlights and plenty of details on the subsequent infections related to the skin rash occurrence.



The medical field has discovered that there are hundreds of herpesviruses alive that can affect the body. Herpes simplex is one of them, actively affecting the human body. Herpes simplex typically occurs through contact and appear in various parts of the boy. On the other hand, the usual spots are the mouth and genitals. Herpes simplex can infect anybody, regardless of age or gender. Herpes simplex is of two types: HSV-1 that children often contract and HSV-2 that contracted through sexual contact. The infected person shall essentially recognize the risks incorporated in being infected by herpes simplex.

Symptoms may not visibly occur during infection. There is currently no exact cure for herpes simplex. They can only apply immediate treatment related to getting rid of sores and limiting outbreaks. Herpes simplex virus will remain in the affected person for the rest of their lives. Symptoms may no longer appear; however, the virus will stay and linger in their nerve cells. Moreover, there are ways to prevent the continuous transmission of herpes simplex that the infected person must do.


Kaposi sarcoma

A person infected with HIV can acquire cancer. They can obtain Kaposi sarcoma through a virus known as HHV-8 (human herpesvirus 8). Transmission can occur through deep kissing, unprotected sex and shared needles. There is also a high risk that if the infected person is pregnant, she might automatically transfer it to her child. A person infected with Kaposi sarcoma can observe several symptoms. Few are unusual scars on the skin, weight loss, tooth loss or night sweats accompanied by fever lasting for two weeks. Kaposi sarcoma can cause life-threatening problems when left unattended or neglected. It affects some of the internal organs of the body once lesions occur in them. The medical field remarked that Kaposi sarcoma is one of the most common cancer assimilated by people with HIV.


Treatment for HIV skin rash

Skin rash is the most common symptom to occur when infected by HIV. In line with this, drastic changes are arising in the body system. hiv medicationThese changes trigger various skin reactions that may also be a result of the infections, as mentioned above.

First and foremost, if a person knows that they can be an infected person, see a health provider. They should confirm their condition and ask for the proper medication. Accordingly, the health providers will give instructions regarding all the tests they must undergo to verify if they are infected. After the verification and you tested positive, medications will follow.

The infected person with skin rash can also be associated as they are taking their medications. The health providers will determine the stage of your condition before prescribing the right medication.

Specifically, here are some medications that can control HIV. These medications can also prevent further complications from occurring. They call it antiretroviral therapy (ART). It is presently a combined three or more drugs from different classes. Each drug has different ways to block the virus and prevent it from continuously infecting the whole body system.


Treatment maintenance

The infected person should not skip any dose of the prescribed medicines. Continuously taking ART will help increase the strength of the immune system. Second, reduce the risk of accumulating further infections. Third, the chances of evolving into treatment-resistant HIV are reduced. Lastly, the chances of transmission of the infection to other people are also reduced.

The infected person has to pass through the challenging parts of being on an HIV medication. They should know all the necessary information about the condition and the medication, such as side effects, difficulties aside, and other issues that may arise while doing the medication.

Immediate information to the attending physician shall be done if there are difficulties that the infected person cannot endure. Addressing those difficulties together will help lessen the pressure of taking the medication.

Continuous monitoring of the infected person will be done to be able to track whether adjustments shall be made in their medication. HIV may not appear visibly in the blood; however, it can still be found in other parts of the body, such as the internal organs.

This literally means that once infected by HIV; they will take it in their lives endlessly.


Life continues

Despite being infected, it does not necessarily mean the end of the world. There might be no cure with HIV, but there are medications. Taking them seriously will help them get back into their lives. As this happened, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than necessary. Living with it forever indeed means doubling their efforts to keep their health up and on track. It is their utmost responsibility to follow and do their HIV medications properly. They are not only caring for themselves but their partners as well.

Health is wealth! Love it, protect it and live your life to the fullest, yet responsibly.



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