When do HIV mouth sores appear?

When you are infected by HIV, there are many symptoms that can be attached to the infection as it gets worse. Even though some people may know their status early enough, others may wait until the symptoms are very clear before the test.  Symptoms like mouth sores are very common which may lead to minor mouth injury and bleeding. These are indications that the body’s immune system is getting weaker and vulnerable. But when do HIV mouth sores appear?

Depending on the immune system, the virus may take different times to fight the body defence in order to start showing signs. Mouth sores may appear after you are infected by HIV and can be seen both on the lips and the inner parts of the gum.

Most people have related mouth sores as the main indicator of the infection and may not go for testing until they see such symptoms. Getting clear answers on “when do HIV mouth sores appear? ” will help many people live healthily since this may vary from one person to the other. when do hiv mouth sores appear

HIV is classified as a dangerous infection that may take a short time to weaken the body. When the body can no longer fight effectively against infections, symptoms such as mouth sores attack the mouth making it very different. Treating mouth sores in their late stages can be very difficult since they will make the mouth painful and very irritating when eating or taking drugs.

Depending on the stage of the HIV infection, the mouth sore may worsen every day which may affect the general wellbeing. The fact that the mouth sores makes it difficult for you to eat, drink and take medicine makes you extremely weak and may lead to the development of other HIV symptoms with ease.

Don’t let the condition worsen but instead visit your doctor for the treatment. The best way to treat mouth sore is through medication that will eliminate the current state and prevent more outbreaks. You may be forced to take medication for a longer time as the immune system of the body gets restored in order to get back to the normal state.


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