How Hard Is It To Get Infected With HIV? 

HIV transmission is shrouded in a veil of misconceptions. This, to a large extent, is due to lack of proper knowledge of HIV/AIDS. However, a portion of these misconceptions also comes from ignorance, from people who are well versed in how HIV can be transmitted.

So, how hard is it to get HIV? The answer to this is that depends on the mode of transmission. HIV can be transmitted through a number of ways. As such, each method of transmission has its own degree of causing infection. But to give you a more satisfactory answer, I will discuss the various modes of transmission and their degree of infectivity.

Sexual Transmission

sexual intercourse

This is the most common method through which the majority of people get infected. However, as we all know, there are different types of sex. The fact is that they all carry different levels of risk.

Vaginal Sex

There have been about 10 studies on this. The studies showed that receptive vaginal sex carried an infection risk of 0. 08%. This translates to 1 infection in about 1,250 exposures. This study assumed that no condoms were used during the sexual acts.

Anal Sex

Analysis of 3 different studies showed that unprotected anal sex carried a risk of 1.4% to the person who was receptive. Insertive anal sex carried a risk of infection ranging from 0.06% to 0.62%.

Oral sex

Unfortunately, there has been no proper research in this category.

Blood and Breastfeeding


The risk of transmission of HIV through breastfeeding was estimated to be around 29%. However, the rates were even higher for contaminated blood and tissue with a 92.5% infection rate. Quite high actually.

Needle Stick Injuries/ Needle Sharing

needle sharing

This mostly occurs in health personnel and carries an infection risk of 0.13%. Intravenous drug use poses a large chance of exposure to the virus.
In general, dental cleaning tools, syringes, and other blood transmitting products that are contaminated carries the highest risk. Sharing cups and toilet seats carry no risk of transmission. Kissing and other non-sexual forms of affection have a slim to nil chance of infection.
So, now that you know, can you say that you are 100% safe?

Author: Claudia

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  1. I think it is easy to get HIV if your partner has infected and both of you do the unprotected sexual intercourse. Be sure you have the protection before both of you do this. Your life depends on it.

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  2. It is impossible to remove once the infection sticks on your immune system. There is no cure for this but there is available treatment. That’s the only chance to live longer while you have the infection.

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