General HIV Symptoms in Child

HIV has been declared as one of the world’s worst diseases that can easily kill. Children in their innocence state are equally vulnerable when it comes to HIV infections and must be tested and monitored closely. When a child is infected, early identification of the infection can go a long way. Their lives can be supported through medication and good diet to make sure they are healthy and reduce on the extreme cases. Some of the oral HIV symptoms in child can easily be seen with the help of the children’s dentist in Sydney CBD while other general symptoms can only be identified via through examination and test. Children who are above one year old have these common symptoms when they are infected by HIV in the body and the mouth.

1. Red and dry lips

Infected children will have red lips which are often dry. The general oral look of the children including the gums and the tongue can easily be attacked making them sensitive. Apart from the oral HIV symptoms in children, other general symptoms include:

2. Redundant growth and development
The infection may interfere with the immune system and make the child very weak. From the early age, the growth graph will reduce and must be supported by right medication.

3. Rough skinshiv symptoms in child

Skin development and appearance are always rough and requires frequent maintenance. The skin can be either dry, rough and can seem different in color.

4. Frequent sickness
Since the immune has been reduced and weakened, other diseases can easily attack the body. Frequent visit to hospital can be the character following the vulnerability.

5. Excess weight loss

An infected child with HIV will have frequent and uncontrolled weight loss. The level of weight loss can be beyond control which will cause the use of drugs.

When children suffer from infection, they may have different causes. Most children below 12 years who suffer from HIV infection have higher chances they got it from the parents. Pregnant mothers are encouraged to have test done to reduce on the mother to child HIV infection.


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