First Aid For Your Oral Herpes Or Aids Sore Outbreak

Aids sores or oral herpes – treat them quickly and correctly for successful relief. In this short article, you will discover proven – medically sound – first aid methods you can use for treating a aids sore or oral herpes infection.

Some of this oral infection also result to disfiguration where after some treatment others plastic surgery clinics to revert and even improve what has been damaged.

Aids sore, fever blister and oral herpes sufferers need help – not hype. They need effective ways of getting rid of their sores to stop the discomfort quickly.

But, besides the pain and embarrassment, there are a couple of additional risks that should motivate everyone to seek fast healing and long-term prevention.

Danger Of Infecting Your Eyes

The longer, or more frequently, highly contagious herpes simplex virus is active on your face, the more significant the risk of getting the virus in your eye. The result is usually vision damage.

Link To Alzheimer’s

Scientists have discovered that there are certain similarities between active Alzheimer’s and active aids sores. Nothing to panic about yet, but it is just one more reason to get rid of a aids sore fast. Here are some of the best first aid treatments for your aids sore. These are well proven, safe and effective ways to shorten the risk and duration of any herpes event.

  • First AidMethod For Relieving The Pain Of Aids

Some over-the-counter aids sore remedies have numbing agents – such as benzocaine. These will significantly reduce the discomfort and are well worth using. They are useful for comfort only and will not heal the sore any quicker.

Ice is a great pain reliever and will reduce the swelling before the sore opening up. Frozen tea bags work great and provides anti-virus activity from the tea.

If you develop fever, headaches, and swollen glands under the jaw, use a pain and fever reducer such as aspirin or Advil.

  • First AidMethod For Cleansing The Aids Sore.

The more herpes simplex virus you eliminate from the wound, the less chance of infecting other areas of your body. Also, you will have a lower population of infection hiding in your nerve cells when the wound is finally healed.

You can do this by the constant cleansing of the sore with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Be sure you always use a cotton ball or tissue and throw it away.

  • Final First AidTIPS FOR Aids.

Start taking the best quality vitamin and mineral supplement that you can find. Not only will your sores heal faster, but also you will experience fewer aids sores in the future. And you will feel better than you have in years.

Once the sore has broken open, ice will still provide comfort, but at the cost of slowing down healing. If you want pain relief, use ice. If you wish to fast healing, apply heat.

Oral HerpesKeep the scab soft and pliable. This is an important first aid measure that will prevent pain and shorten the healing time. This prevents constant cracking open and need for re-healing. Olive oil or vitamin E oil works great for this.

Finally, do some research and find a aids sore treatment program that will prevent future aids sores. Prevention was once tricky but now discovered to be very easy. It sure is way more comfortable than healing a aids sore.

Do not be discouraged. You will find that aids sore remedies that work for one person may not work for you. Read as much as you can and try different things. Once you discover what works best for your unique body, you will no longer have to deal with aids sores.


Author: Claudia

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