How To Find Out If Someone Is HIV Positive

Getting an HIV test can be upsetting and humiliating. Because of the disgrace that still encompasses the infection, many expect that having HIV will make others judge them as unbridled or to make presumptions about drug use. While the medical community is currently very much aware of HIV statistics and the manners in which that HIV can be transmitted (sex, mother to fetus, blood transfusion etc), this stigma prevents many from getting tested. HIV home testing is a great way on how to find out if someone is HIV positive, without facing health specialists and community members in a neighborhood center. These tests are mysterious and profoundly exact.

Finding out that if you have an HIV is important. By knowing that you have one, you can go see a specialist and ask for a diagnosis. But having an HIV does not limit you in doing what you love. You can still do the activities you normally do. So don’t be afraid to have an HIV test.

An HIV home test is done using a finger stick much like those performed on people with diabetes to quantify glucose levels. The sample is then sent to a lab, where results will be accessible anyplace from the day they are gotten to some days after later, contingent upon the test and the organization. Most organizations allow people to send in their HIV home test utilizing just PIN numbers or codes that they set up with the goal that outcomes are totally secret.

find out if someone is hiv positive

If your HIV home test demonstrates a positive outcome, you will be told to see a local doctor to affirm the outcomes. False positives are very improbable, however affirming the diagnosis is constantly suggested, as is looking for prompt treatment. HIV is not anymore the near-immediate death sentence that it used to be, however keeping up legitimate treatment is basic.

In case your HIV home test is negative, at that point you ought to just keep up a regular testing plan. While all individuals ought to be tested after every six months, if you have been exposed to HIV infected blood or somebody with HIV/AIDS indications, it`s critical to be tested at regular intervals (every twelve weeks) for an entire year. It can take some time for HIV manifestations and antibodies to develop inside the body after exposure.

So, HIV home testing absolutely works and is a fantastic thought.

There are many medical home test kits on the market today. If you or someone you know ever needs one, there are three things to consider… confidentiality, accuracy and a fair price. Make sure you go to a reputable online website that only uses Medical Home Testing Kits that are FDA approved.


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