Facts About HIV Mouth Ulcer

A majority of their own views and thought never consider HIV as a virus instead its considered as a problem which to some extent is true. It’s related to many other symptoms including oral problems, week body defense etc. When you test negative but a few weeks later you experience any oral problem that’s persistent, it’s advisable to get another test since it could be an HIV mouth ulcer. The symptoms may be server or light and can cause a lot of discomforts but do not hesitate.

tooth decayThe importance of saliva in the mouth and the role it plays in the digestion can’t be taken with ease. It is not normal for your mouth to run very drily especially when prior symptom has been experienced. In some cases, it happens due to lack of saliva that can help keep your mouth wet hence you should find out. Without enough saliva, it is very easy to get a mouth fungal infection and even tooth decay. Tooth decay can be prevented and treated.

Though it is not the number one indicator that you are HIV positive since it can as well be found in other people who are not positive, but it is often with those who are positive. In some cases, the HIV mouth ulcer can be so intense and can take time to heal.

HIV mouth ulcer can come in various forms and these include and not limited to;

  • Extremely dry mouth
  • Red Sores
  • White sore

Dealing with the mouth ulcer has been a challenge since the exact cause has been unclear in many research that has been done. Suspicion has been high that it could be caused by a virus but the virus is still unknown. They tend to heal on their own but in some cases get very intense and calls for some medical attention. An alarm is raised when they are recurring and you cannot get a permanent solution for this, try and see your doctor.


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  1. It is very alarming to have this kind of condition. Some find it difficult to treat it but they are trying to find how to cure it. Don’t expect too much that it will heal itself. Consult it to a reliable medical professional immediately.

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