Facts About Aids And How It Will Be Transmitted

Knowing is common, but using the knowledge of understanding is essential. Many people wonder: what are the facts about AIDS and how is it transmitted? There is a lot of reason how the virus gets transmitted just like in dental procedures, it is very important to have dental equipment sterilization. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) without Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) is not AIDS! It is an infectious disease afflicting thousands of adults and children worldwide. Both the government and private sectors are combating this dreadful disease by giving out information and implementing projects to promote AIDS campaign and awareness and educating people on the facts about it.

All individuals need to know how the disease is transmitted and acquired. What are the exact facts about AIDS and how can it be sent?

  • Contraction

Most common ways of contracting AIDS is to come into contact with an infected person’s certain bodily fluids like blood, breast milk, semen, and vaginal fluids. Exposure to any can ultimately lead to an infection of HIV which gets full blown to AIDS. Exposure to some of the fluids includes but may not be limited to child and mother exchanges during pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, vaginal and anal sex, blood transfusion and contact with hypodermic needles exposed to the virus. The virus can also be contracted through heredity from parents who have AIDS during conception.

  • Prevention

The best way to avoid getting HIV or AIDS is by practicing safé sex since it’s contracted through body fluids primarily sexual activities. Using of condoms or abstaining from sex with partners you don’t know about their sexual history is the best practice. Vaginal or anal sex can transmit the virus meaning that condom is a must while oral sex should be done with partners you sure are safe. In health care work: masks, gloves, and other preventive and protective barriers must be worn when dealing with AIDS patients. Child and mother exposure can be contradicting to prevent it during pregnancy and childbirth, but some measures can be employed to avoid the child’s exposure.

  • Treatment

HIV and AIDS treatment are currently ongoing, but there is excellent progress regarding disease control. Although medications like Antiretroviral cannot eliminate the disease but will improve the quality of life and mortality rate of AIDS patients.
Apart from death, another fact about AIDS is that a person may have the virus and not aware of it. Reading more about AIDS is important, and the best way to manifest yourself is to go for testing.


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