End AIDS Discrimination In Cosmetic Surgery

Many patients have been denied most of their health rights because of the situations in which they are in. HIV/AIDS has affected our community for quite a long period now. But you need to agree with me that more grants and efforts have been placed on this particular disaster to ensure a long-lasting solution.

It’s our desire to be healthy and feels good about ourselves. Nobody should discriminate anyone from being healthy and satisfied with themselves. If an HIV positive wants to undergo cosmetic surgery, doctors should not deprive it of them. If you are interested, visit cosmetic surgery Sydney clinic.  They have the best cosmetic surgeons to help you achieve your ideal beauty.

Despite all these efforts, reports have indicated that patients living with AIDS have been discriminated in several health units depriving them of their fundamental rights to health. It is not actually right for a doctor who vowed to save the life of human being to go to the extent of failing to attend to patients just because they discover they are HIV positive.

Its high time that everyone in society to start campaigning for ways to end aids. If this becomes the primary concerns of everyone, then I believe that every patient in need of cosmetic surgery can just receive it without any form of discrimination. End AIDS Discrimination In Cosmetic Surgery

With the advanced technology and research done on countermeasures to end aids, it can be very easy for any patient with a dental problem can regain their smile again. This advancement can help orthodontist doctor to identify the blood count of a patient who has HIV/AIDs and seeking for seeking cosmetic surgery. The doctor also uses this opportunity to ensure that the patient is in good health condition and is fit for cosmetic surgery.

But this cannot work out if we do not stop discriminating HIV positive patients. You should live to remember that these people are all our beloved ones and at one given time we might be caught up in such situations. There is no medical law stating that whoever has HIV /AIDs does not qualify for orthodontist surgery.

If they have broken teeth, discolored, dislocated, broken or bleeding gums, then I believe that they deserve equal treatment just like the other people living without aids. It’s only through the cosmetic surgery that they can also smile and enjoy their daily life.


Author: Claudia

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