What is a Dry Mouth HIV?

Several HIV related states may infect the mouth thus occasioning signs like dry mouth, painful lesions, and ulcers. A dry mouth hiv issue may be occasioned by bacterial infection, fungal infection or viral infection. Some medicines can also cause issues in the mouth, as can poor nutrition. Problems are more probable to happen on individuals with less CD4 counts. There may be an early symptom of harm to the immune system. A regular dental checkup can avert severe mouth conditions. To keep your mouth fit and not perceive any issues early, it’s vital to look after it — frequent flossing and brushing and the help of an Epping dentist will aid in ensuring excellent dental and oral health.

If you have a robust immune system, you’re less probable to encounter HIV connected mouth issues. If you’re not taking HIV therapy, and you begin having health problems like oral thrush or mouth ulcers, it may be an indication that HIV is harming your immune system and there is a fall in your CD4 count. HIV therapy is advocated for each person living with the virus as it assists in stopping injury to the immune system.

There are some mouth issues that are more usual in individuals with HIV. However, some are more frequent and can become severe in individuals with less CD4 count. These issues are.

Dry mouth and bulged spit glands

Dry mouth may be occasioned by dehydration, a blocked nose or anxiousness. Diabetes may occasion a dry mouth. It can also be a secondary effect of particular medicines including some kinds of insulin, nasal decongestants, and antidepressants. A dry mouth can be due to HIV related spit ailment which causes bulged spit glands. This state is persistent in infants living with HIV. dry mouth hiv


Oral candidiasis causes white blobs in the throat and mouth. You may acquire swollen cracks and red patches in the mouth. This condition is due to overgrowth of inherently appearing fungus. Overgrowth can happen when the immune system is harmed. Candidiasis may also be connected to the utilization of antibiotics or outcomes of conditions like diabetes.

Oral cancer

There is some proof that individuals with HIV may be more probable to develop throat and mouth cancers. These cancers are connected to the virus with a particular human papillomavirus’ strain. Some studies have indicated that having HIV infection can also enlarge the possibility of some head and neck cancer.


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