How Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Work?

We would normally think that to take care of our teeth, we should make sure that everything about it is spotless. But what we don’t realize is that our gums also play a huge part in our teeth’s health, so restoring and addressing gum diseases also affect the integrity of our teeth. Here, let us discuss about a non-invasive gum restoration called pinhole gum surgery. Let us answer common questions like ‘what is pinhole surgical technique?’, ‘How does pinhole gum surgery work?’, and many others.

does pinhole gum surgery work

What is the pinhole surgical technique?

Pinhole surgical technique or PST is a non-invasive soft tissue grafting that helps correct gum recession.

Gum recession affects the teeth because as they recede, the roots of the teeth where the nerves are located become exposed, causing teeth sensitivity and pain.



How does pinhole gum surgery work?

Gum restoration surgery makes use of tissue grafts from the patient’s palate or a tissue bank, or a technique that releases a part of the gum and flaps it to cover the receded area. However, most of the patients who underwent this procedure complained of pain and infection. What made pinhole surgical technique special is that it does not need any tissue grafting or allograft. A trained periodontist can manipulate the gingival tissue of the patient using specialized instruments to make down cover the roots of the teeth. He makes tiny holes on the gum area of each affected tooth and begins pushing the tissue downwards until it returns back to its normal position on top of the tooth.

Why is PST better?

It is non-invasive. Within 24-48 hours, the patient can go back to his normal routine and diet.

It uses minimal incisions. Tiny incisions can heal faster.

Less risk for infection. Since the procedure creates fewer incisions, areas with high risk for infection is lessened as well.

Almost instant recovery. Within a few hours to a day, you can already see the difference the surgery made, and most patient claim that no soreness can be felt that needed pain medication.


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