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Since time immemorial, there has been a stigma connected to HIV and AIDS. Whether we are aware or not, many people around us are living with HIV or AIDS. It may be a friend, a coworker or even someone in our own family. Please click on this link to learn more about our digital marketing campaign for AIDS awareness.


The stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS

Stigma is a negative attitude and behavior toward people. In this case, it is toward people who have HIV or AIDS. Most of the victims of HIV and AIDS are men who have sex with men or transgender women. If they go undiagnosed, they could risk spreading the disease to other people. However, this stigma prevents people from going to get tested.


Results of stigma

The negative attitude is not the issue, but it is more of what results from it. Usually, when there is a stigma against a group of people, there is discrimination that follows it. There is a very gloomy belief that this group of people is unacceptable. People who suffer from HIV and AIDS are usually hesitant to undergo testing because they are aware of the discrimination. The negative mentality people have is the driving force of HIV and AIDS transmission.


Getting past the stigma

digital maketing campaignThe best way to counteract the stigma would be to support people who are suffering from HIV and AIDS. By doing this, we can better encourage them to live more positive and healthier lives. It would also let them be open to getting themselves checked and diagnosed. This will result in the control of the virus because if they can get checked, they would be able to seek treatment and the virus will no longer spread.


It is up to us to end the spread of HIV and AIDS. We have to open our minds and help those who are suffering. Help them to see that there is a supportive community that hopes they will all get well and live to see a brighter tomorrow.


Author: Claudia

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