Are there denture doctors for HIV patients?

Every one of us is entitled to have the best dental health, if not overall general health. That is why we pay extra effort in choosing the best and most capable doctors and dentists that we would trust to take good care of our health and well-being. But what about those stricken with serious and contagious diseases, like HIV patients? We know that HIV is an autoimmune viral condition that causes debilitating problems. How can one AIDS patient, for instance, get the services of a dentist? Are there denture doctors for HIV patients? If you know someone who is stricken by this viral problem and needs the services of a reliable dentist, visit this page to learn more about clinics that treat patients no matter what illness they have.


What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a virus that is passed on from one patient to another thru blood or sexual contact. There is no cure for this condition as of the moment, but science gave us several drugs that prevent or delay the virus from spreading and progressing its symptoms, making an HIV patient’s life better and healthier.


Why is HIV dangerous?

Aside from not having a cure, the effects of the virus on the body are what makes it lethal. If you have HIV, your body’s defense mechanism is compromised, making you vulnerable to many infections and disease-causing bacteria and germs. This will make you a good target for these good-for-nothing opportunists because your body does not have the capacity to fight and kill them off. That is why it is very common for HIV patients who are not getting treatment to suffer from different health problems and conditions all at the same time.


Dental problems of HIV patients

dentures for HIV patientsAs mentioned earlier, bacteria and disease-causing germs can roam freely in and out of an HIV patient’s body because our immune system is down. This will also affect our dental health since it is these bacteria that can cause our cavities and tooth decay. Once severe tooth decay is reported and there is nothing else that we can do but to extract the tooth, HIV patients would need to have restorative dental procedures so that they can still manage to eat and chew food properly for their daily nutrition and energy.


Denture doctors for HIV patients

The truth is, any dentist can become denture doctors for AIDS or HIV patients, provided that they will sterilize and sanitize all their instruments and tools so that spread of the disease will be contained and prevented. Because HIV patients have compromised health, the mouth may somehow be the first ones to be affected, because several organisms and bacteria pass through our mouths through our food. If bacteria sets in and tooth decay damages the teeth, there is no possible way to prevent pain and tooth loss. HIV patients may also experience dental issues like thrush, lesions on gums and tongue, mouth or canker sores, and ulcers. These problems are painful and may lead to the patient losing their teeth because of bacterial infection. Their need for missing teeth replacement is now a necessity than just a dental accessory.


What can denture doctors do for HIV patients?

Denture doctors are like regular prosthodontists who provide restorative dental procedures to their patients through the form of bridges, crowns, implants, or yes, dentures.  The only difference is that they should be more vigilant in the cleanliness and sanitation or sterilization of their instruments so that spread of this contagious disease is prevented. Denture doctors can also advise their HIV patients to maintain proper oral hygiene, make sure to inform new dentists or doctors about their condition and ensure that they take their medications on a regular basis. They should have the knowledge and expertise to handle all dental conditions caused or aggravated by HIV.

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