Why Do People Have Dark Gums Around Tooth?

It is normal to feel worried because of the unexplainable dark gums around tooth inside your mouth. There are different reasons that can be linked to this. Don’t worry as this article will tackle the causes of dark gums that can help you understand more about it. If you’re looking for cosmetic treatments for this situation, it is recommended to consult your dentist and know more about the issue.

Reasons for Dark Gums

dark gums around toothThinking about possible health issues regarding your teeth is common but is not immediately an indication that you are suffering from the

health problem. Dark gums might be caused by the factors that are mentioned below:

  1. Melanin – This pertains to your skin color and thus can be associated with your gum color. The more you have melanin in your natural skin color or your hair, the more likely it will be the cause of the dark gums. However, there are other activities such as smoking that can produce more melanin than normal by the body.
  2. Bruises – If you’ve been brushing or flossing too hard, it is possible to get small bruises around your gums and may darken since it is naturally healing itself. However, it is best to get a second opinion about this issue from your dentist.
  3. Dental Treatment – Another possible cause of darkened or spotted gums is due to your recent dental treatment. As mentioned above, your dark gums around tooth will naturally heal itself from minor bleeding which may lead to gum discoloration. It is not also a risky issue and will go away after your scheduled appointments with the dental practitioner. To book a consultation to your trusted dental expert, please click here.
  4. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption– A type of Melanin-induced gum problem is caused by constant smoking which causes melanocytes to produce melanin faster. Drinking alcohol can also be a factor in spreading cancer cells or other organ failures. People who have quit smoking or have lesser alcohol consumption have been proven to have lesser dark spots in the gum area.
  5. Oral Disease– The worst thing that might happen if you see this situation is that you have an oral disease that shows dark gums around tooth area. Always check with your dentist about your dental health conditions in order to prevent or cure any signs of this illness.


What Should I Do?

In order to really prevent anything that will likely cause this issue to happen, the first thing to do is always have proper dental hygiene. Knowing what your responsibilities are for your total health and wellness is a must. Always brush your teeth and avoid over flossing or bruising your gums and even bumping your brush’s bristles on your gums. To achieve that great smile, you can also opt to do cosmetic treatments as another way to get that confidence back.


Moving forward with a Great Smile

Now you already know what are the causes and solutions, it’s time to be really active in pursuing your personal health and wellbeing. If you’ve noticed a new dark spot or anything unfamiliar with your gums, monitor it and ask any preventive measures from your doctor.


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