Alternative And Complementary Medicine Used By HIV/AIDS Patients

Alternative and complementary medicines are practiced all over the world by HIV positive patients. These medicines can better cope with the virus because it targets you’re your immune system stronger. The medication can help relieve stress and anxiety which boosts the immune system.

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Infectious diseases can be fought in such ways to regain strength to body and elevate mood swings. Relaxation Therapy such as medication and yoga can promote focus and willpower. It involves deep breathing techniques and different form of Yoga Asanas for body and mind relaxation.

Some Ayurvedic or Herbal medicines are also known to fight HIV symptoms. It’s advised to consult a doctor before using tablets with herbal medicines as it may have side-effects. Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts (oil) to promote health and a sound mind. It is actually linked to the smells that induce emotions like anger or hate or love in someone. When used perfectly, it can reduce stress and mental fatigue.

The Chinese culture also has a treatment based on chakra points. It’s called acupuncture. It involves inserting needles into chakra points (sensitive nerve points) of your body. People have actually felt healed or relaxed after getting this therapy session because it increases the energy flow in the body. Massage is one of the well-known complementary medicines which is widely popular in the world. A trained masseuse rubs your body muscles and tissues to relieve pain. There are different varieties of massage like head, leg, body, back massage too. This technique increases blood circulation and joint pains.Complementary Medicine

Physical Exercises like jogging, running, and cycling in the open air has tons of benefits to the body. Physical exercise can reduce your risk of a heart attack or manage your weight better. It keeps your blood cholesterol level lower and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers. People are doing it every day can have stronger bones, muscles and also joints plus less risk of developing osteoporosis. You can do these physical exercises at home too with Home Gym Australia, just give them a call for an enquiry.

Brings balance & reduce your risk of falls. People with HIV or AIDS should tell their doctors in the event that they’re keen on utilizing CAM to help deal with their side effects. Natural herbal medicines should not be taken with tablets. Always prescribe before you use a medication.


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