Characteristics Of HIV Rash

A rash of HIV is caused by medications and by the disease itself. Sometimes characteristics of HIV rash act as a clue to the diagnosis. In other cases, it may be due to allergic responses. An HIV rash can be the result of a drug reaction or an allergy. Patients who notice rashes should contact their doctor. Approximately 70 percent of people infected will have a skin problem.

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It is essential to keep in mind that a rash can result from other things besides medications. Many people panic when they have a rash on their skin because they assume they have HIV. First, there are many types of rashes, so it should not be considered. There are rashes such as scabies, herpes, and warts that may be due to intimacy.

hiv rashThe characteristics of HIV rash increases in a few weeks to approximately two months after infection. The symptoms are a loss of appetite, fever, swollen glands, muscle aches, and pains. A skin rash can also develop. That may not be seen initially when a person is infected with the virus. The infection increases as time passes and the symptoms also change. It can take up to nine solid years for some people. Symptoms may progress to enlarged lymph nodes, severe fatigue, constant diarrhea, weight loss, vision problems and additional forms of discomfort.

The characteristics of HIV rash can be reduced to a manageable level. The first thing to do is to get away from direct sunlight as much as possible and also stop taking hot baths and showers. That is because the heat will make the condition worse. All foods, medications or soaps that may aggravate the rash should be recognized and discontinued. If patients with HIV stop taking their drugs after the rash appears, it is not advisable to start over without the doctor’s recommendation. The correct thing is to inform the doctor before stopping the medications.

Do not feel that your life is over if you have a diagnosis. Many people today can live a long and productive life with a diagnosis of HIV. There are medicines and natural care that allows people to function at a very high-level today.


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