Dental Care For HIV Patients

HIV is the most dangerous disease to date in human beings. It destroys cells in your body and attacks your immune system which usually fights against infections and disease and if not treated instantly it can replicate new HIV copies and will result in destroying your immune system horribly. So any disease including oral diseases is much more complicated in the case of HIV positive patients as compared to normal patients, that is why it’s better to visit Dr. Beena working in a Horsley dental clinic to seek advice for dental care for HIV Patients.

The number of people with HIV is more likely to experience one of the common dental problems such as Cavities, Gingivitis and tooth decay, etc also other oral problems that are directly connected to the cause. Usually, people with PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) between 30-50% will definitely experience at least one of the oral health problems which can affect their all over health in a very serious way. There are more chances of cancer or ulcer for these people not only this poor care for aids can affect the consumption of food and the effect of nutrition in their body. So it would be better if you start taking care of your dental health before it attacks you badly.

Oral health is important for every age group of people no matter if it’s with HIV positives or negatives. But for HIV patients it is somewhere crucial to treat such disease as soon as possible. The precautions for HIV patients are not opposite or different from other people. They are also advised to change their daily routine with a little bit of extraoral care such as oral hygiene from the beginning of your day to the end and it is advised to quit smoking or consumption of any type of drug or tobacco. It is advised for everyone to get tested no matter what gender or age group you belong to. Sexual contact is not only the cause for it sharing needles and drugs or during pregnancy or breastfeeding a baby can be affected easily.

Effects of HIV on Oral Health:

· The medicines prescribed for HIV patients can result in dry mouth issues which can lead to fungal infection and tooth decay.

· Your facial appearance could be affected because of oral problems and could equally affect your social contact with people.

· Infections caused by oral problems can harm your heart and many more organs in your body.

· Because of the changes in your facial appearance your carrier opportunities may be limited.

· It can lead you to oral surgeries at last.

So PLWHA is advised to visit a doctor on a daily basis for dental care also there are communities providing these services for free. Explore your area and get the best one for you. Also, the professionals treating PLWHA should create a comfortable and safe environment for HIV patients to encourage them by treating them especially as they are already dealing with a lot in their life. The medical histories of such patients should check before advising them on any other medications. Doctors are also advised to wear gloves while treating the patients as it can be dangerous for them. You can consult the dentists from SLDC Pyrmont if you have more questions.


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