Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas For Children And Adults

Breast cancer is a serious threat to women’s lives all around the globe. In the United States alone, it is considered that 1 in 8 women will develop some form of breast cancer throughout their lifetimes. Statistics say that in 2018, we can expect over 200,000 new diagnoses and the worst thing about it all is that the majority of people have no idea how big an issue has this illness really become. Awareness is the first step to finding solutions and so today’s topic revolves around breast cancer awareness ideas.

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Health professionals and activities at schools, a school might be considered a place to learn mostly math and English, but given that some children and teenagers don’t have parents who are actually involved in the topic or talk to them about it, a school can also turn into a place to learn about their own health. It doesn’t have to be a long boring talk, instead, it could be turned into a fundraiser with interesting games created by the children with the assistance of a health professional. The earnings can be sent to an organization to fight breast cancer.

Doing this even has an extra benefit: the students will feel like they are helping and will most likely be thrilled to keep getting involved.

breast cancer awareness survivorDigital fliers on breast exams. Most woman, even who are aware of breast cancer is threatening and not to be messed with, still don’t know how to check their breast for potential cancer. This is a really easy process and can be taught with a short video or set of pictures. Making digital fliers that explain this technique might save lots of woman’s lives. Pink Wednesdays. Given that most people only remember breast cancer in October (due to the fact that is has been proclaimed breast cancer awareness month), we believe a weekly approach would definitely have an impact that, if sustained over time, could encourage further research on the topic. The choice of the day Wednesday is mainly a strategy to get young people involved by associating it with the movie Mean Girls in which the popular crowd would wear pink on the said day. It comes across as dynamic without analyzing the topic and motivates young men and women to learn more about it.

One fact a day contest in the office. During every day of October, have a different employee bring a breast cancer fact to tell everyone about before wrapping up the day. Whoever forgets or skips work on their turn should add a small amount of money into a donations jar that will later be sent to breast cancer organizations. This can be done in the office, at college and even with friends. Wear a pink ribbon on your shirt or bag. While this last one is the most obvious one, it is amazing how much curiosity can something as simple as a pink ribbon create. The more people that ask you the better because the topic will be spreading and most askers are potential activists. If doing this, be sure to be properly informed since spreading wrong information can be as harmful as not spreading it at all.


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