About Us

Today, HIV/AIDS is classified as a global pandemic by the WHO.

Incurable and deadly, this disease has always been the center of controversies for decades.

Having AIDS back in the days is synonymous to being a homosexual. Luckily today, we all now know that any gender, any age and any race can be stricken with this life-threatening disease.

The social stigma is worse than the disease itself. Friends and family may part ways with you suddenly when you hear the bad news.

At Ending AIDS, we vow to give you all the valuable information you need to know about this disease. From prevention to the quest for the cure.

Dealing with HIV can be really hard, especially you know that there is still no available cure up to this day. But with the help of your loved ones, you can still live a normal life even if you have been infected.

Stay tuned for our latest articles. A minute of reading it can save your life.