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Can I get HIV from receiving oral sex? How is HIV transmitted?

People who have partners who suffer from HIV should be cautious. Many wonder “Can I get HIV from receiving oral sex?”. The fears are real, and this article is here to clear the air about how HIV is transmitted and how transmission can be prevented especially during medical/dental treatments. For more information on this topic, you can refer to the instructions by LV dental clinic in Cabramatta.

When To Have A Surgery For Nasal Polyps

That said, problems such as nasal polyps happen as soon as we step outside our house. It even usually happens inside our houses and within our families. Medical technology gave doctors the opportunity to give their service of surgery for nasal polyps removal. If you feel like you developed nasal polyps growth inside your nose, schedule an appointment immediately with an Otolaryngologist (ENT Surgeon).

Can I get HIV from kissing?

When a person suffers from HIV, there would be a lot of stigmas that can surround the condition. This can greatly affect the person suffering from the disease. Many people do not understand what having HIV entails, and there are many misconceptions and wrong notions about HIV. Many people ask “Can I get HIV from kissing?” This article will focus on how kissing, dental surgery, and other activities can affect the transmittal of HIV.

Dental Care For HIV Patients

Any disease including oral diseases is much more complicated in the case of HIV positive patients as compared to normal patients, that is why it’s better to visit Dr. Beena working in a Horsley dental clinic to seek advice for dental care for HIV Patients.

Why Do People Have Dark Gums Around Tooth?

It is normal to feel worried because of the unexplainable dark gums around tooth inside your mouth. There are different reasons that can be linked to this. Don’t worry as this article will tackle the causes of dark gums that can help you understand more about it.

Tattooing safety: From tattooing needles to everything about modern inking

Everything that deals with our body should be safely taken care of, sanitized and sterilized to make sure that no infection or other complication can arise from contaminated instruments and devices. Tattooing needles, for example, should be maintained and cleaned the way you clean your whole establishment. Tattooing needles should be properly sterilized and the reasons for doing so are so obvious. Let us help you understand why sanitation and sterilization are important when choosing a tattoo shop or an aesthetic clinic that offers tattooing services.

Digital Marketing Campaign for AIDS Awareness

Since time immemorial, there has been a stigma connected to HIV and AIDS. Whether we are aware or not, many people around us are living with HIV or AIDS. It may be a friend, a coworker or even someone in our own family. Please click on this link to learn more about our digital marketing campaign for AIDS awareness.

How Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Work?

We would normally think that to take care of our teeth, we should make sure that everything about it is spotless. But what we don’t realize is that our gums also play a huge part in our teeth’s health, so restoring and addressing gum diseases also affect the integrity of our teeth. Here, let us discuss about a non-invasive gum restoration called pinhole gum surgery. Let us answer common questions like ‘what is pinhole surgical technique?’, ‘How does pinhole gum surgery work?’, and many others.

What Is The Goal Of Preventive Dentistry?

No one really wants to go to their dentist’s office for fear of pain and high cost. Unfortunately, for us to significantly reduce the pain that we might feel and the cost that we should pay, it is best and recommended that we visit our dentists more often than we think so he can practice preventive dentistry. But what is the goal of preventive dentistry? How does it work and how is it different from other dental practices? A dentist near Corrimal explains preventive dentistry as broadly and as simple as 3 easy steps that anyone can follow and carry out.

Pneumonia in Aids Patients

Pneumonia is not one of the more well-known diseases such as liver problems, a heart attack, or an accident that can cause patients to be admitted to intensive care. But it is different when pneumonia in aids patients happen. Pneumonia is one of the top reasons why patients with AIDS/HIV are treated in intensive care. It’s also because there should be precautions when treating HIV patients.