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HIV patients try acupuncture to reduce headache and dizziness after their therapies

HIV patients continuously search for ways to alleviate the pain they feel as the therapies and drugs they take have several side effects. Acupuncture is a kind of medicine that has been said to be the oldest Chinese medicine that can be used for several conditions. There are many HIV patients looking for alternative medicine like chiropractic treatments and acupuncture to soothe the pain they feel after their therapies.

The Road In Finding An HIV Cure

Since the early 1980s, HIV has been a term that is feared by many and for a good reason too. Currently, there is no known cure for this virus, one that leads to the many potentially fatal opportunistic infections that are associated with AIDS.

Caring For HIV Patients

Human immunodeficiency virus HIV is one of the common hazardous sexually...

About Dental Cyst Removal

Flossing is a very important method to maintain oral hygiene, but for some reason, most people do not seem to find the extra minute needed to do so. Many of us have preconceived ideas about flossing that are generally unfounded. Here is a list of some of these myths about floss or brush first.

End AIDS Discrimination In Cosmetic Surgery

Many patients have been denied most of their health rights because of the situations in which they are in. HIV/AIDS has affected our community for quite a long period now. But you need to agree with me that more grants and efforts have been placed on this particular disaster to ensure a long-lasting solution.

Contraction Of The HIV Risk Factors

Most people are aware of HIV risk factors infection. They recognize the fact that condom use can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. But the perception of young adults about the danger of HIV infection has increased recently.

Pathophysiology Of HIV

HIV is commonly transmitted from mother to child or via hypodermic needles, blood transfusions, and unprotected sexual activity. When a person acquires the HIV virus in his or her body the virus replicated inside the body and kills the white blood cells and red blood cells, which are very crucial for immune response.

5 Reasons To Take Bleeding Gums Seriously

Strong gums are a sign of good oral care. Regardless, there may be times when your gums are jammed and sore, which can lead to oral problems. Bleeding gums are regularly caused by lack of plaque migration, which affects the gums to inflame and to try to cause bleeding gum HIV and other infections.

How To Find Out If Someone Is HIV Positive

many expect that having HIV will make others judge them as unbridled or to make presumptions about drug use. While the medical community is currently very much aware of HIV statistics and the manners in which that HIV can be transmitted (sex, mother to fetus, blood transfusion etc), this stigma prevents many from getting tested. HIV home testing is a great way on how to find out if someone is HIV positive, without facing health specialists and community members in a neighborhood center. These tests are mysterious and profoundly exact.

Achieving A More Youthful Figure With A Tummy Tuck And Liposuction

Many people living with AIDS do wonder if it’s possible to undergo liposuction when they get a tummy tuck. Not only is it possible, but it’s also practically routine nowadays, as the two procedures together can produce a much more favorable outcome.