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HIV Transmissions Through Shared Make-up Cosmetics

It is commonly known that the HIV virus is transmitted through body fluids from an infected person come into contact with another person. Most common ways known in which the virus is transmitted include sexual intercourse and through sharing of sharp objects such as needles. This makes people ignore the fact that sharing makeup cosmetics with an infected person can transmit the HIV virus.

Oral Cancer Survival Rate

Oral cancer is a term used for a majority of the head and neck cancer types including the throat. This malignant type has the inclination to develop rapidly. In the event that this type of cancers is detected early, the opportunity of being cured is high. This type of cancer though is very difficult to be clinically diagnosed at its initial levels.

Planned Parenthood Through HIV Testing

The staggering increase of the HIV patients all over the globe has plodded...

Tongue Herpes: Causes, Signs & Treatment

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How to Have Safe Sex?

Aside from safe sex, find out information regarding safe dental procedures by clicking the link.

Facts About HIV Mouth Ulcer

Without enough saliva it is very easy to get a mouth fungal infection and even tooth decay. Tooth decay can be prevented and treated. To know how, just visit Supreme Dental Care’s Website by just clicking the link.

HIV/AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment

Prevention of course is still the way to go. Practice safe sex, avoid using unsterilized needles, go to trusted medical and dental centers for safe dental procedures and surgeries to avoid infection through tainted blood and tools.

HIV Symptoms Timeline – When Do HIV Symptoms Appear?

However, having various recurring symptoms at the same time should be a cause for concern. It is generally advisable to get a HIV test if you suspect you have been at risk of infection. Blood transfusion and use of intravenous drugs pose the largest threat. Surgeries, tattoo and having professional dental care carries a lower risk, but is generally not 100% safe.

HIV Viral Load Test – Facts You Need to Know

If individual tests positive for HIV, they are typically informed of the...

Difference Between HIV and AIDS 

HIV and AIDS are usually used interchangeably to mean the same thing but in...